COVID-19 restrictions

The lockdown has seen the Internet become even more essential as people strive to stay in touch with family and friends without increasing the risk of spreading this awful disease around. Video systems like Skype and Zoom have been great fun for both business and personal use although the Internet has been groaning under the […]

Laser Printers

Colour laser printers are becoming much more cost effective for small businesses and home office workers. Is the time right to upgrade your printer? Since computer became widespread in the late 80’s and early 90’s laser printers have always held the top positions for quality and speed of print. Unfortunately this came at a high […]

Computer Security

The best security most users can have for their computer is a good backup system. This means whatever happens to your computer your data files are safe. Of course you should periodically check the backup you’ve created to make sure it’s going to perform the restore operation on that awful occasion it’s actually required. The […]

Gutenberg Arrives!

Winter 2018 saw the release of WordPress 5 which brings a totally new editing system to your website. It’s now much easier to achieve the look you want on your pages with design blocks. Add text, images and media items wherever you need them and then move them around with just a click of the […]

Farewell Windows XP

Microsoft is making it harder and harder to keep Window XP systems running. The amount of updates which need to be downloaded and installed in the final version means the time for a reinstall now runs into three days. Actually downloading the updates is also and more difficult as more and more web resources refuse […]