COVID-19 restrictions

The lockdown has seen the Internet become even more essential as people strive to stay in touch with family and friends without increasing the risk of spreading this awful disease around.

Video systems like Skype and Zoom have been great fun for both business and personal use although the Internet has been groaning under the additional workload. This makes it important to ensure you have a fast connection to the Internet to begin with. Slowdowns are proportional so if your link is already poor it may become unusable when lots of people are online.

There are several ways to improve your connection speed from simple things like moving the router or using a cable connection instead of WiFi. Some buildings, however, seem designed to make achieving a fast connection especially difficult and you may need a selection of hubs, switches or repeaters to speed up your connection.

It’s easy to spend lots of money buying different devices in an attempt to improve your network speed so it pays to do a survey and work out the best options first. This is where Covid is having an adverse affect. The virus is driving the increase in network traffic but then it makes the survey process more difficult.

Social distancing, face masks and hand sanitizers are now a standard part of the toolset used during site visits – strange bed fellows alongside spectrum analysers, digimeters and screwdrivers! It’s always important to find the right solution to a client’s problem and helping them to stay healthy too is just a new part of the job.

So until Covid goes away or a vaccine arrives let’s all stay safe and keep doing what we do best – solving problems.

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