Farewell Windows XP

Microsoft is making it harder and harder to keep Window XP systems running. The amount of updates which need to be downloaded and installed in the final version means the time for a reinstall now runs into three days. Actually downloading the updates is also and more difficult as more and more web resources refuse to allow a connection from computer running XP.

This is a sad situation when XP has performed solidly for many years and some users don’t actually need to connect to the Internet for things like word processing or working on spreadsheets. However we do have to accept that the hardware naturally comes to the end of it’s life so it’s probably wise to go through the upgrade process at a time to suit you rather than wait for a breakdown which invariably happens at the most inconvenient time.

Operating SystemEnd of life Office softwareEnd of life
Windows XP8 April 2014 Office 20038 April 2014
Windows Vista11 April 2017 Office 200710 October 2017
Windows 714 January 2020 Office 201014 January 2020
Windows 810 January 2023 Office 201311 April 2023
Windows 1014 October 2025 Office 201614 October 2025

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