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Black Friday offers and Christmas on the way have prompted many of us to look sideways at our trusty computer and consider a newer model. Probably because we have all spent much more time working online this year the humble PC has moved upwards in terms of essential equipment in the household and it’s furthered with ‘working from home’ which has really taken off. (So much so we’re wondering if offices will become old hat as Zoom sessions become second nature…)

Although laptop systems have been the norm for temporary sessions away from the desk their small screen and keyboard has always meant they are seen as poor cousins when compared to more powerful tower or desktop computers. It’s hard to compete with 24″ High Definition screens which allow you to work with multiple windows running different programs when you’re just over a foot wide and light enough to carry around!

And if this brave new World does mean more working at home should you really move to a larger system which doesn’t fit on your lap and sacrifice portability for speed and ease of use? Not an easy question and most people will have lots of other deciding factors which muddy the water and make this a tricky choice. With a new system probably lasting most people over five or six years and costing a not inconsiderate amount of money this is one buying decision you want to get right.

Historically you only needed to select between a handy laptop and a more powerful tower system tucked under the desk with lots of cables linked to a screen, keyboard and mouse. Into this rather simple choice comes the All-in-One. A strange hybrid of laptop and tower which brings the best of both options. It’s created by mounting the motherboard, usually contained in a separate box or tower, behind the screen. This means everything sits just in front of you and, along with wireless options, the only cable is the power supply. This creates a much easier and tidier system for the home environment and gives you a single screen if you ever need to move things around.

Fitting everything behind the screen has usually meant compromises somewhere along the way – typically reducing the power to minimise the heating problems – but modern units have overcome those limitations and are easily comparable with full size tower systems. And if you’re at the stage where a new screen is also required the All-in-One computer can be the cheaper alternative!

If you’re faced with lots of options and more questions than answers about a new or replacement computer call DISC on 0191 236 7839 for a chat and some friendly advice to help avoid the pitfalls of the technology jungle and make this a very Happy Christmas!

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