Easing Lockdown

With the ending of lockdown restrictions and some semblance of a return to normal here’s an update on how DISC are helping make this process as simple as possible.

Throughout the COVID crisis DISC have ensured customers still have functioning computer systems especially as we have all become more reliant on them! Sometimes it’s been possible to sort problem out with remote access to your computer on others we have operated a collect and return service to minimise the time we spend on site.

For some problems there has been no substitute for spending time with you in front of the computer and although this is our preferred method of operating we all know it’s not great when COVID is still spreading in the community. On these occasions we have been following government guidelines since March 2020 – namely minimising the time in closed quarters, maintaining social distancing, keeping everything as clean as possible and wearing facemasks.

As the country begins to slowly move out of the strict restrictions please be confident that here at DISC we still intend to follow the guidelines for the foreseeable future. The new methods of working have been inconvenient but bearable to avoid the consequences of another, possibly much longer, lockdown.

So we’ll still be arriving on site with facemasks and hand gel but please don’t be alarmed as we are now all up to date with both vaccinations which should keep us all safe and sound.

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